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A Discussion On SEO & PPC

Is PPC or SEO better? This is a typical question that is often asked, however, it does not have a general answer. The answer would be dependent on your particular objectives, situation, and the marketplace.

At Bowler Hat, we are quite focused on SEO or search engine optimization. We have a lot of experience in SEO for over 17 years. Due to this experience, we have found that SEO or organic search gives a higher volume at a much lower cost per lead in comparison to PPC or paid search.

Now, the online marketing world is not as easy and wild as it used to be. New businesses have a much more difficult time doing SEO and PPC can provide much faster results in comparison to SEO when done well.

It all starts with your digital marketing strategy. When you have a good understanding of potential customers and how they use the internet, it will help you to figure out if SEO, PPC, or a combination is best to use when it comes to your particular situation.

We will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of PPC and SEO in marketing as well as look at a couple of tips that will help you to select the best channel for your business. In the case where paid traffic and organic traffic are both good options, we will cover how you can integrate both of these so you can achieve much better results. If you need it, you can also look for help from agencies such as Leapfrog Internet Marketing.


When you are looking at SEO or PPC, there are two main differences that you have to pay attention to. One of the first things to keep in mind is that paid ads are placed at the top of the SERPs which means that they are above the SEO-influenced organic listings. Next, when you get traffic from SEO, it is free, however, traffic from PPC is based on a cost per click. In the vast majority of cases, using SEO and PPC is the most strategic option.

SEO: Getting more organic traffic

Now, what are the advantages and disadvantages of organic traffic: We will look at the advantages first.

Awareness: When you are ranked for your targeted keywords, this showcases your business to potential customers in a very similar way as though you were advertising. This creates a much higher awareness of your brand.

Branding: When your business website is highly visible on the SERPs for your commercial search terms and even informational keywords, this will positively impact your brand. This will make your business and brand become much more trusted by searchers who may then purchase from your business. You will become a more authoritative business in your niche.

Trust and credibility. When your business website is placed high on the organic search results for your business keywords, this gives your business a higher degree of credibility with potential customers who are interested in your products and services. There are lots of people who don’t pay attention to ads and look at the organic results and trust them. So, when you are ranked high in the organic results, this leads to more potential customers approving of your business. When you combine this with lots of reputation signals and reviews, you will enjoy even more benefits.

Traffic. Improving the amount of traffic your website gets will help more people to know and become aware of your business. It will give you the opportunity to communicate with potential customers and persuade them why they should purchase from your business.

Cost per click. The traffic that you get from SEO and organic search is relatively free. In order to show up at the top of the organic SERPs, you will need to invest time and money. However, there is no direct fee for every click or impression that you receive.

ROI. The great thing about organic search traffic is that the ROI is much higher in comparison to paid ads or PPC or even other types of paid media.

Cost. Even though doing SEO isn’t simple or cheap, it is significantly more cost-effective in comparison to other types or marketing strategies for improving traffic and brand awareness.

Sustainability. The good thing about organic traffic that makes it completely stand out from paid search marketing is that the traffic doesn’t stop once you stop paying. Therefore, doing SEO can greatly sustain your business even if you need to reduce your marketing spending.