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Festival Wardrobe Tips

Now that we are getting into festival season in the United Kingdom, it’s time to get serious about your festival looks. We’ve been seeing a lot of excellent styles emerging from the fields. Going to a festival is all about …

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Handling Stress As A Parademic

Life as a paramedic is never easy. It’ll have you experiencing the highest of highs when you save someone’s life and the lowest of lows when you can’t. You’ll be dealing with patients that are grateful and angry daily. You’ll …

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Benefits Of Volunteering

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to work solo or if you enjoy working as a team, you can get a lot of volunteering. There are plenty of social benefits that stem from volunteering.

Benefits Of Volunteering:

1. Meet New

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Tips For A Safe Night Out Drinking

You always want to have a safe way home planned before stepping foot outside of your house. You also want to ensure you are making informed decisions about the bars and clubs you attend. Another thing you need to do …

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Pet Owner jogging in the park with a dog

Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

They keep you fit

All dog breeds require repeated, daily walks in order to remain healthy and happy, and the same applies to us! Still, we ever so often tend to be quite lazy – if in any case, this …

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