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Why Taking A Holiday Is Good For Your Health

It is absolutely correct that we all love taking holidays once in a while. Holidays help us calm our nerves and travelling and more travelling is simply fun and exciting. The feeling is great and immeasurable when you meet new people, appreciate new cultures, eat good food, and tour new places like the Tabin wildlife reserve. However, what is not spoken about enough is the therapeutic health benefits that come with such travel—your body, mind, and soul get to really rest and retune.

Several studies have shown the immense benefits of taking a worthwhile holiday. It is bad for your health to be constantly apprehensive about your work duties, dashing from one meeting to another and never getting to catch your breath. Your mental health is affected by stress, and your heart is exposed to life-threatening conditions such as heart disease.

Therefore, if you have not thought about taking a holiday, now would be the right moment to look at those plans again. Here is how going on holiday is good for your health.

1. Lowers the risk of heart disease

One study showed the probability of contracting blood pressure illnesses fell by 6% among people who took regular holidays. However, there was no notable difference in people who maintained their everyday work schedule. People struggling with high blood pressure are advised to save enough time to unwind, among other solutions.

There are many lifestyle benefits to derive from a staycation or a spontaneous weekend trip to clear your mind. The best approach is to develop a habit of relaxing by including this valuable time in your normal everyday life, thereby lowering your blood pressure level in the long run.

2. Better Sleeping Is Beneficial To Mental Health.

As you know, sleep is an effective tool for stress management. Nevertheless, did you know taking vacations helps you sleep better 17% of the time? This is backed by a study conducted by Kuoni Travel and Nuffield Health where vacationers’ sleep quality increased by 34 points and the sleep quality of people who had never taken holidays s fell by 27 points.holiday

The difference in sleep quality was attributed to the time spent away from work responsibilities and, consequently, less stress, when the “holidaymakers” travelled for holiday. This is because stress takes away peace of mind, disrupting our sleep patterns. Additionally, if we fail to sleep better, we become less functional the next day.

3. Improves The Health Of The Heart

Karen Mathews, a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, carried out a study on 9,000 men aged between 35 and 57 years old where their health was tracked for close to ten years. All of them were found to be at risk of coronary heart disease and the findings of the research were published. The sample that never went on holiday each year had 32% more chances of getting a fatal heart attack.

Another study, conducted in 2005 by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin, found that women who travelled for holiday less than once every two years had a higher risk of depression.

Additionally, the sample that never travelled on holiday was eight times at higher risk of coronary heart disease or heart attack. These studies only make taking a holiday more appealing.

4. Reduce Stress Levels

Research by the Arizona Department of Health Services showed that women who travelled for holidays regularly were less likely to feel tense, depressed, or stressed. In the end, these are the necessary conditions for one to perform better at work.