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How Does A Mobile Signal Booster Work?

What Exactly Is A Mobile Signal Booster?

A mobile booster is a product that boosts mobile signals for a particular area. They are increasingly in popularity as more and more people are recognising the benefits they offer.

There are typically questions about the legality of mobile boosters. While the concern is certainly valid, there’s nothing to worry about. While the device does sound “too good to be true,” it’s not.

A mobile booster is approved by both the FCC and the IC. It’s certified equipment that works to effectively boost existing signals by all of the networks including 5G, 4G LTE, 3G, and even 2G. A booster can work with any 5G-enabled device. Some models will even boost 5G signals. A cell phone signal booster is a certified device that can effectively improve reception, call quality, and faster data speeds.

If you suffer from dead zones around your home, office, or even vehicle – you could be a good candidate for a booster. This is only true if you get clear reception directly outside of the building though. A booster doesn’t create a signal out of thin air. But it can effectively “boost” a signal that it receives. As a side benefit, I would recommend seeing mobile signal installers.

A lot of people have issues with their existing carriers because of the poor call quality and signal quality inside buildings. These devices have the potential to solve a lot of issues including improving call quality, minimising dropped calls, increasing data speeds, and more. This has many questioning how they work.

How Does A Mobile Booster Work?

These boosters work by effectively pulling in the weak signal that it’s receiving and boosting it. It rebroadcasts the signal into the various designated areas. These boosters can also work in reverse order by receiving the signal that it’s getting from your connective devices and rebroadcasting it back to the towers. After all, your phone is a 2-way signal device.

There are a variety of different boosters available and you would choose one based on which one fits your specific needs.

In-building Boosters

These are typically meant for those that are looking to boost a signal inside of their home or building. These are made for any building that is made out of materials that are dampening the signal.

Vehicle Signal Boosters

These are for those that are looking to use the booster in a vehicle of some sort.

For a booster or amplifier to work, you need to have a signal already. As mentioned, it cannot create a signal out of thin air. It needs to receive a signal no matter how weak. If it doesn’t have a signal to boost, it’s not going to create one.

The majority of booster kits include the following elements:

External antenna

This is meant to capture the signal (even if it’s weak).


This portion is used to amplify or boost the weak signal.

Indoor Antenna

This is meant to rebroadcast the signal.

Coax Cables

These are used to connect everything. They are meant to deliver the signals with minimal signal loss throughout the delivery process.

External Antenna

The external antenna is typically the most important component of a signal booster. It’s what captures the weak signal from the start.

There are a couple of types of outdoor antennas:

Omni-Directional Antenna

This is an antenna that can pull signals from all directions. They are ideal for those that have a pretty good signal outside. Or for those that have multiple towers to pull the signal from.

Uni-Directional Antenna

This is optimal for those that are looking to pull the signal from a specific tower. This is ideal if you have a nearby tower or if there is only one in the area. You can point it directly at it which means it can travel further distances. This would be better for those that have a faint signal outside of their house because of the distance it can pull from.