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How to Become an Estate Agent

If you want to operate as a realtor in the UK, you don’t need to have a certificate. There isn’t any formal qualification for someone to become a realtor. How can you become a real estate agent?

Complete a sales course

This is an important course that is going to teach you about sales practices that are going to help you land a job in this industry. Potential clients and employers are going to trust your work more when they see that you are taking your time to learn such skills because they will help you during the job. A sales course is a good thing because you get to learn about the foundation of your career and the skills you need. Some of the most relevant courses are business studies, real estate and property management, civil and structural engineering, surveying, and urban and land studies.

Train under a professional body

Professional agencies have specialized training in real estate management that can help you in this industry. You can complete some of them in a couple of months and look for a job as soon as you are done. There are some organizations offering college-level training for real estate. Some examples of such organizations are the Independent Network of Estate Agents and the National Association of Estate Agents. The course is going to cover topics like property valuations, negotiations, legal requirements, inspecting buildings, and financing.

Learn as an apprentice

This is a type of learning where you follow a working estate agent and learn how they work. This option gives you the chance of gaining practical skills which you can then apply in the field. You might need English and Maths GCSE, or equivalent before becoming an apprentice. If you are interested in this route, reach out to Four Labs or real estate agencies in your area and find out whether they have apprentice opportunities.

Working towards the role

There are jobs out there that you can get started with that will let you transition to a career in real estate. A trainee sales negotiator is a good job because you gain skills like negotiating sales that will come in handy when you start your career as a realtor. Another option is becoming an administrator in a real estate agency or letting and getting promoted to an estate agent. You can also learn a lot about the real estate industry by working in the construction industry, which makes it easy to transition into a real estate agent.

Estate agent skills in the UK

There aren’t any specific qualifications needed to become a real estate agent, but employees prefer those who have skills that are going to help as you work as a real estate agent. Some of the skills are:

Communication skills

Good communication skills are important for engaging with sellers, buyers, financiers, and everyone involved with the deals. It is important to know things like negotiating deals and making all the parties satisfied. You have to listen actively to the concerns of your clients and speak confidently. This will allow you to give them reassurance and responses. Other communication skills that are going to help you are writing and presentation skills to write emails, prepare reports, and present them.

Interpersonal skills

You need interpersonal skills no matter the industry you are working in. These skills are very important in the real estate industry because you are going to interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. You need to conduct yourself in the right way. Interpersonal skills will help you deal with clients.

Passion and self-motivation

You need self-motivation and passion if you want to succeed with sales. You may work with a partner or alone to inspect the property, prepare your clients, and negotiate. The employee can also have targets for you, which makes it good to have a goal-oriented mentality.