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How To Find Out Who Manufactured The Windows In My Home

Inspecting For Window Manufacturer Stickers And Codes

Manufacturers often etch or stamp their brand names on the windows. It may be on the window glass or the hardware like the sash. Therefore, if you want to know the manufacturer of your windows, start by inspecting the surfaces of the window. Make sure you do this in proper lighting. If possible, you need to use a magnifying glass to look for the smaller marks. Check for any stickers, markings, or etchings that may point to the name of the manufacturer.

Next, you need to visually examine the corners of every window glass. Check for etched letters or numbers. It may look like a simply written code and may be etched on the surface of the glass or in the spaces found between double panes. If you notice a string of text, you can write it down and any other markings or text you come across. For the installation of windows, you can contact windows specialists such as Bill Butters Windows.

The code will definitely be the manufacturing date and the brand of the manufacturer. If you do a simple Google search, you can easily verify this information. If you are not able to verify it using Google, take the code to the local window supplier and check whether or not they can assist you with the identification process. On the other hand, if you don’t find a code, you may notice a small identification mark.

Note that, aluminium manufacturers and makers of vinyl windows are part of a professional organization known as the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association). The members of this organization usually add a certification sticker to the frame of the window or the sash. As such, you may find a manufacturer’s code, a model number, or a series name. Once you find this code, you can search on the official AAMA website to identify the brand and the type of window, especially if you are looking to repair or replace it.

On the other hand, the window manufacturer may be a member of NAMI (National Accreditation and Management Institute). If so, there will be a compliant sticker or code on the window, especially on the sash or on the window’s underside. You can check these codes on the directory of insulated window manufacturers offered by NAMI, available on the official organization’s website.

Researching By Material And Dimensions

If you are not able to locate the manufacturer codes and stickers, you can write down a description of the windows. Start by looking at the materials in the windows, which may be vinyl, aluminium, or wood. Additionally, you need to take note of the style and type of window you have. Double-hung windows are designed to slide up and down inside the frame. On the other hand, slider windows are designed to move side-to-side. Finally, casement windows usually crank outwards.

Take out a tape measure and start measuring the interior size of the panes on your window. Don’t forget to measure the width and height of the window before recording the measurements. Take these measurements to your local window wholesale supplier or local retailer. Find out if someone can help you identify the manufacturer or series of your window. If they don’t have it in stock, they can always make a special order for your replacement or repair needs.

How Else Can You Locate The Manufacturer Of Your Window?

If you don’t have good results with these methods, you can remove the sash and take it to a window installer or retailer. You can also search on Google for various window styles and compare them with yours. You may be lucky enough to identify the window manufacturer online.