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Safety Tips

Are you planning a moms’ night, friends’ night out, or ladies’ night? Here are some of the best tips for ensuring that you stay safe when having fun. These will ensure you are not at risk.

Stay Together

It is always best to stay together and avoid losing one or two people that are part of your party. Whether you are in a club or outdoors, ensure you have a buddy system that will keep you in the know of each other’s whereabouts. When you leave, do so together. Walk to the door in twos and ascertain that they are safely indoors.

If you have decided to drink alcohol, have a designated sober friend that will drive everyone home. It ensures you are all safe and minimizes the chance of anyone taking advantage.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If you are uncomfortable in any way, let a friend know and try to move to another location. If you are approached by someone that feels threatened, make sure to tell a friend and walk away.

It is best to follow your instinct when out with your friends as this will save you later. Do not give away details about yourself too fast to new people. Your instinct will keep you safe from dangerous situations.

Guard Your Drinks

It is easy to leave your drink unattended especially when you are out dancing with friends. You may feel like walking away to the dance floor to have fun. Leaving your drink unattended is one sure way of getting spiked by predators in such areas.

If you want to dance, it is best to finish your drink first. If you cannot drink it, buy another from a mobile bar after you return from the dance floor. This will ensure you do not fall victim to a spiked drink. Additionally, do not accept premade drinks from strangers as they may have put something in. It is best to order by the bar and keep watch as your drink is being made.

Know The Signs That You’ve Been Drugged

It is pretty easy for someone to drop certain drugs undetected in a loud and crowded space. What’s more, you may not even notice if your drink is spiked because it may not change in appearance. These drugs can cause you to become inhibited or sedated.

Sometimes the drink may appear bubbly or change colour. Pay attention to that. If you suspect that this has happened, communicate with a friend and tell them of your suspicions. If you feel the effects not wearing off, it is best to visit a hospital. Do not try to get home without your friends as you could become inhibited and fail to get home safely.

Drink Responsibly

This goes without saying but we will include it on the list anyway. Do not drink beyond your capacity as your friends may not be able to check your every move to know that you are okay. It is easy to get taken advantage of when you are very intoxicated. Furthermore, make sure you stay hydrated and do not drink any alcohol before taking some food.

Limit Social Media Posts

People with sinister motives can track you down if you post live locations on social media while enjoying the night, so it is always advisable to keep your location hidden or post only to friends that you can trust completely.