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Festival Wardrobe Tips

Now that we are getting into festival season in the United Kingdom, it’s time to get serious about your festival looks. We’ve been seeing a lot of excellent styles emerging from the fields. Going to a festival is all about the experience. It’s about enjoying yourself and expressing yourself. However, you also want to ensure that you wear practical stuff. Below, you will learn about some of the best iconic looks you can use for your festival wardrobe. Also, find out how to hide love handles with tape if you feel you need to do it.

Top Tips For Your Festival Wardrobe:

1. Footwear

When you are buying footwear for a festival, you do want to think about usability. You need to find shoes or footwear that is both comfortable and practical. Even if you think you know what the weather is going to be, it’s best to be prepared. Cowboy boots are a timeless classic. You can never go wrong with cowboy boots, especially in 2022. If the festival is going to have good weather and the ground is going to be dry, cowboy fits would be perfect. Best of all, you can wear them in shorts or a dress. You don’t have to worry about your cowboy boots falling off while you are out there dancing either.

2. Headware

When it comes to attending a festival, no look would be complete without headwear. Luckily, you can continue your wild west theme with your hardware. You can either throw on a western cowboy hat or use a bucket hat. A bucket hat is another timeless piece that is never going to go out of style. You will find them in virtually any style and colour which makes them a good addition. Best of all, they are simple and easy to wear to a festival. You can get instantaneous sun cover with them and you don’t need to worry about them falling off or getting blown off.

3. Crochet

You can wear crochet in a variety of different ways. You can go with a crochet top, a mini dress, or something else. You can even add a crochet element to your bucket hat. They are excellent for adding more flare and style to your festival outfit.

4. Sparkles

Sparkles are always in style. You can wear sparkles in different ways. If they are good enough for Harry Styles, they are good enough for anyone. You can incorporate sparkles into your outfit by getting a jumpsuit, getting a dress that sparkles, or even throwing some on your face. Sparkles can be a good way to stand out and showcase your bubbly personality when you are going to a festival. A festival is a very social environment. Sparkles make you much more approachable.

5. Retro

If you are looking to go to a festival with a throwback band, what better way to represent the past than by wearing something retro? You can find a lot of vintage pieces that would look great for your festival attire. You can even save money by going with something retro-inspired because you can shop at thrift stores and second-hand shops.

6. Slipdress

Slipdresses were popular in the 90s but they didn’t ever truly go away. This is especially true when it comes to those attending festivals. A lot of people still wear them to this day. This makes for one of the best festival outfits because it’s so versatile. You can add a lot of elements to a slipdress to make it a completely different look or for a different climate. Whether your festival is going to have cold weather or hot, a slip dress can be altered to fit. A slipdress should be plenty comfortable to dance around at the festival.

7. Two Piece

This is another good option. This is a good option for those that want to mix and match or for those that want to wear different colours. You can create a very 2022 look with a two-piece outfit including a shirt and a pair of shorts.

8. Strings

You need to keep your phone and water bottle with you at all times. A good way to do this is by attaching strings to them. Best of all, with strings, you don’t need to lug around a heavy and bulky bag. Instead, you can go to the festival without having to worry about a bag. You could always get a crochet carrier that can help you keep track of your phone while retaining a festival look.