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Things You Need To Keep Away From Your Radiator

Installing your radiator in the right place in your home will have a lot of impact on the overall efficiency of your heating. Previously, most people installed their radiators under windows. This way, it would guarantee that any cold air passing through single-pane windows was properly heated. Thanks to double-glazed windows and vertical radiators, there are many places to install your radiator. However, there are a few things you should never place in front of your radiator. These include the following. For readers who are looking for reliable German electric radiators then see here.

1. Curtains

Your curtains should be long enough to cover your window properly. However, make sure they are not long enough such that they are hanging over the radiators. It may be unlikely that the curtain will catch fire from being heated up due to the high temperatures. However, you don’t need to take the risk.

It’s something very important especially if you are using the old electric radiators where a faulty rad may create a spark. On the other hand, thick curtains hanging over a radiator may prevent heat from circulating evenly in the room. As such, you will end up turning up the heat to compensate. With such increased use of energy, your heating bills are bound to increase too. Make sure that all your decorative hanging drapes are free from all the radiators.

2. Lamps

Make sure your lamps are far away from radiators to keep them from getting too hot. Lamps rely on electricity and as such will have wires dangling behind them. Make sure these wires stay away from the radiators since the heat may melt the outer casing of the wire. On the other hand, some lampshades are usually made out of paper so you need to keep them far away from the heat emanating from your radiator.

3. Sofas

If you have limited space in your home, you may be forced to put some furniture in front of the radiator. If you must do this, make sure the sofa is placed a few inches away from the radiator. If you push a sofa or chest of drawers next to the radiator, you will block the heat coming into the room. Therefore, you will end up spending a lot of money to heat the back of the furniture. You need to pull them a few inches away from the radiator to create a proper channel for the heat to rise into the room properly.

4. Bookshelves

Are you wondering whether or not to place a bookshelf in front of the radiator? Well, you need to think about your books. The heat from the radiator may torch your books. Additionally, repeated exposure to heat will also dry out the spine of your books forcing the pages to fall out.

5. Beds

If you must place your bed in front of the radiator, make sure there is a small gap between the two items. Note that, you may end up rolling over and burning yourself during the night. On the other hand, sleeping too close to the radiator may cause insomnia or give you a headache from over-heating.

What To Do When Moving Your Radiator

You may be forced to move your radiator to make better use of the space in your home. Whether you are planning to add more furniture or simply decorate behind the radiator, you need to know the right way to move the radiator. It may be an effortless task or you may be forced to remove the floorboards and reroute some pipework. Well, it’s a good idea to leave the job to a professional. However, you can do it if you have some experience.