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Tips For A Safe Night Out Drinking

You always want to have a safe way home planned before stepping foot outside of your house. You also want to ensure you are making informed decisions about the bars and clubs you attend. Another thing you need to do is pay attention to your surroundings both inside and out. Lastly, you want to stay with friends at all times. There’s safety in numbers. These things can help you avoid a lot of alcohol-related issues.

If You Do Drink

If you do intend on drinking when you go out for the night, you’ll want to try to know your limits beforehand. Avoid overdrinking as it’s only going to put you in a situation where you make a bad decision. It will put you at risk of making poor decisions that you would later regret. While it may seem comical at the time, it could cost you in the future. Not only with relationships, but that impact you years down the road with your financial situation, health, or even the law.

Set limits

Stick to your alcohol limits. Overdrinking can put you in harm’s way.

Drink slow

Try to drink your beverages slower than you usually would. This can keep you from overdrinking.

Drink water

Try to drink a glass of water in between your alcoholic drinks.

Eat beforehand

Try to eat a large meal before you go out for drinks. Having food in your stomach is a good way to avoid going overboard.

Don’t mix

Try not to mix different drugs. If you are going to drink alcohol, stick to alcohol. Don’t mix cannabis with it.

Figuring Out Where To Go

When you are looking to choose a place to go, you will want to try to do your research beforehand. Try to figure out what bars and clubs are located in a good spot and that would keep you relatively safe. A good way to keep yourself out of trouble is by choosing a bar or club that is conveniently located to publish transportation. Also, you want to try to go to a place that is relatively isolated and not in the middle of a strip of other bars or clubs. Crowded places will put you at a heightened risk of getting into trouble. The majority of incidents of aggression and assault occur at clubs and bars that don’t adhere to the standard serving practices of the local area. If you are in London, an excellent bar that you might want to try is Apples and Pears.

You need to be able to recognise potential risks before you choose a spot. Doing this beforehand can put you in a better spot when it comes to avoiding potential harm that can stem from getting drunk. Here are some of the top things to consider when choosing a bar or club.


The most important thing you want to do when you are trying to pick a place to go is to check out its exterior. You want to see what it looks like and what the area looks like. A bar or club that has a clean sidewalk with queuing areas is going to be much less problematic than a bar or club that is disorganised and dirty. You also want to ensure the entire outside of the bar or club is lit up. Having sufficient lighting outside of the bar or club can discourage a lot of people from getting into trouble. You also want to be able to see where you are going as you are exiting the spot.


Try to take a peek inside. See what the place looks like. What is the lighting like? A place that has multiple floors is likely going to feel less crowded. This can make it much safer for patrons because there will be open areas to spot disorderly conduct and other issues. It’s also important to keep people from bumping into one another which can trigger altercations. You want to go to a place with sufficient seating, good lighting, and optimal ventilation.


You want to choose a place that has sufficient security staff. You want to check to see how the staff is conducting themselves. Are they treating the customers with respect? Do they look like they can handle themselves? Are they monitoring if people are drinking too much? These are things you want to check for before choosing. The better the security staff is, the less likely you are going to run into trouble at their venue.


Transportation is everything when it comes to staying safe while out drinking. You need to check to ensure that you can get back safely. Look for establishments that have accessible taxi services or that have safe-ride options that you can choose from. You also want to look at public transportation options. Is the spot located close to the tube? Is it located close to public bus stops? These things can help ensure you get home without endangering yourself or others.