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9 Instagram Campaign Types

Instagram campaigns involve Instagram business profiles sharing content that is designed to accomplish a marketing goal. It could be a general goal, such as increasing brand engagement. It also can be something more specific, such as a specific number of purchases being generated.

There are several kinds of broad Instagram marketing campaigns. They are each best for accomplishing different goals. The following are nine of the more popular Instagram campaigns that you can get started with. Alternatively, you may also want to take a look at the different TikTok media agencies that are out there to help you with your TikTok marketing.

Awareness campaigns

With an Instagram awareness campaign, the goal is to boost the visibility of your service, product, or business. For emerging brands, it may be a campaign for showcasing what is exceptional, exciting, and distinct about your brand.

The more that your brand is remembered by consumers, the more likely they will be to select you when they are ready to make a purchase.

Users on Instagram are wanting to discover brands and follow them. Actually, 90% of users on Instagram follow one business at least. Also, 23% of Instagram users state they use social media for getting content from their favourite brands. This makes Instagram a great social platform where you can build awareness for your brand.

Teaser campaigns

Instagram teaser campaigns provide a sneak peek to users on what is coming next. Teaser campaigns can be used to build demand and intrigue for new products.

To create an engaging and effective teaser campaign the key is to provide just enough details so that your audience’s curiosity is piqued. On Instagram, the key is always to have engaging content, but for teaser campaigns, this is especially true. You want to stop the scrolling!

Cause campaigns

Young consumers (such as the ones dominating Instagram) don’t just care about the products that a company sells. Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to make their decisions based on their environmental, social, or personal values.

A cause campaign can be used for championing the values of your brand and making connections with conscientious audience members. for example, you can partner with charitable organizations, or promote an event or awareness day.

Contest campaigns

Usually, Instagram contests involve a free product being given away randomly by a brand to followers. They are very effective when it comes to driving engagement – everyone loves winning things.

Rules for entry can be set so that your campaign goals are supported. For example, you can ask users to tag friends to enter. It is a chance to obtain new followers.

Engagement campaign

Compared to other social media sites, the engagement rates on Instagram are much higher. In fact, on Facebook, the average post engagement rate is just 0.07%, while the average engagement rate on Instagram is 1.94%.

Engagement campaigns are designed to motivate users on Instagram to interact with the content that you post. The following metrics need to be tracked to measure engagement:

  • Profile visits
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Likes

To engage with your audience better, review your Instagram Insights to find out which content is inspiring the highest engagement.

  • To create a memorable engagement campaign, you may want to take the following steps:
  • Experiment with different post formats and types
    Add calls-to-action at the end of captions
    Create savable content
    Add Instagram Story Stickers that will inspire DMs and replies

Pro tip: To increase audience engagement, publish carousel posts. These posts have an average engagement rate of 31.5% – which is much higher than the average 1.94% for other types of posts.

Promotions or sales campaigns

The key to having successful campaigns is ensuring that your audience is ready to make a purchase. The best time to run promotions and sales campaigns is after an engaged and loyal following has been developed through using other campaigns.

This type of campaign is usually used by brands to:

  • Promote discount codes or a flash sale
  • Boost an existing product’s visibility