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Soundproof Windows

If you are living near railroad tracks, on a busy street, or in any area where there is a lot of outdoor activity, your home might be plagued by a serious problem – namely noise pollution. The windows of a home are one of the largest contributors to noise pollution. If the windows in your home are made of low-quality materials or quite old, it’s a fact that they are a major contributor to the noise pollution in your home.

While materials like window inserts or sound-deadening curtains are enough to cut out obnoxious noises, in some cases, you may require more drastic measures such as replacing your home windows with soundproof windows to cut out sound pollution. If you are building a new home in a busy area, you should consider installing soundproof windows from the get-go. If you wonder how much soundproof windows cost and whether they are a worthwhile investment, keep reading this article.

How do Soundproof Windows Work?

There should be a barrier between the source of the sound and the space you need to soundproof in order to reduce unwanted noise. By way of creating dead space between the window and the interior of your home, you can dampen the soundwaves and prevent them from entering your home. Window manufacturers usually soundproof windows by way of increasing the sound transmission class or STC rating of the window. The higher the STC rating, the more effective the soundproof quality of the window. Manufacturers employ several techniques to improve the STC rate of a window:

  • Making the glass thicker – It helps add mass to the window. Mass plays an important role in soundproofing since the thicker the material, the fewer soundwaves can pass through it.
  • Creating dead space between the window panes – Helps reduce sound resonance – which reduces the vibrations that soundwaves create.
  • Laminated glass – Comes with a material like plastic between the glass panes that help minimize sound transmission.

Are Soundproof Windows Really Soundproof?

The #1 goal of soundproof windows is to block out noise. But in reality, all noise cannot be eliminated. In fact, sounds have different frequencies, and lower frequency sounds like thunder are harder to block compared to high-frequency sounds like a train whistle or children playing. Most soundproof windows in the market are able to block at least 95% of noise coming into your home. You should pay close attention to the STC rating when shopping for soundproof windows on the market. Bramley Window Systems offers original manufacturing windows in which the higher the STC rating and the better soundproofing quality.

As a point of reference:

  • A single-pane window’s STC rating is around 27
  • A double-pane window’s STC rating is around 26
  • Soundproof windows come with an STC rating between 48 and 54
  • Higher-end soundproof windows have an STC rating above 50 and can block up to 95% of unwanted outdoor noise

How Much do Soundproof Windows Cost?

If you wonder how much soundproof windows cost, you should be prepared to shop around to find affordable and high-quality soundproof windows on the market. In fact, you should be prepared to spend a sizeable amount of money when you plan to replace your existing windows or install new soundproof windows in your home.

Soundproof windows are not cheap. They come with specialized materials that standard windows lack. These materials will drive the cost way up.